I am so excited to finally write this blog.  I’d like to start out telling you all why this page even exists and what I hope it will become.  I started Pinpoint Event Planning, LLC earlier this year and I am not looking back.  I grew up around people who also had a deep passion for their career or hobby, and I was always secretly jealous.  While I loved many things, I just never felt I had that “deep passion” that everyone else had.  There are so many sayings about how “good things come to those who wait,” or “somethings get better with age.”  I now believe these sayings to be true, because it took growing up and going through life for me to find what it is that truly makes me happy.  My name is MacKenzie, and I am a planner.

I started Pinpoint Event Planning, LLC to finally follow my heart and go after what I am deeply passionate about.  I am taking the leap to do what I love and to help make clients’ important life moments come to life.  I hope this blog will grow along with my business and become a resource for anyone planning an event.

For future blogs, you can expect to read about all things wedding and events.  There will be tips and tricks, reviews, and the random entertaining piece.  So please, stay tuned and be prepared for Pinpoint Event Planning, LLC’s blog to blow your mind in the near future.





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