Engagement Season Tips

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Fall is soaring on by with Halloween already over and Thanksgiving fast approaching, the busy season is here.  Fall brings a myriad of things to the event planner’s world.  First, it brings the official end of the 2016 wedding season.  Second, it brings the start of holiday party planning.  And last, but not least, it brings the start of engagement season!

There is just something romantic about fall that makes it a great season for couples.  Whether it’s the chill in the air that makes you want to snuggle closer, or the array of activities to choose from.  I personally like the colorful leaves, hayrides, and a nicely spiked apple cider to sip on next to the fire.  No matter what fall brings to you, it also brings the official start of engagement season.  If you are expecting your significant other to propose this season, here are a few tips to remember.

  • Don’t stress:  I know far too many brides who have told me their engagement stories and the anxiety they felt before the proposal happened.  Don’t let this anxiety take over your enjoyment of the season that brings people together.  Try to enjoy the moments as they happen and to not worry about whether or not this moment is the moment when you will get engaged.  Trust me, you’ll know the moment when you get engaged when you see the ring so don’t waste your time wondering “is this it?”.


  • Don’t plan your own proposal: I know shutting your brain off is nearly impossible at times, but make sure to keep your thoughts in check.  Don’t plan out every possible engagement scenario in your head.  This leads down a dangerous road that could get your expectations too high and lead you to feel disappointed with the real proposal, letting you lose sight of the real reason to be excited (hint: you’re engaged!).  Remember, no matter how the proposal happens it will still be beautiful and a story you will love because it will be your story.


  • Be prepared:  If you are absolutely certain that you are going to get proposed to this season, then you need to be prepared.  First, be prepared to wait longer than you think.  Proposing is a scary thing for any party involved, and it might take some time for your significant other to work up the courage.  (I know this seems silly since you’ve probably already told them a thousand times you want to get married, and there is no chance of them getting turned down).  Proposing is a life changing event and even though they know they want to marry you, it can still take time to get ready for the adjustment.  Now that you are prepared to wait, it is okay to also be prepared for it to happen.  If you know having your nails done when the proposal happens is a priority, then make sure to keep your nails on-point!  Plus, it is the holiday season which means endless parties and social gatherings, so it serves two purposes to have your hands “ring ready.”

Getting engaged is an exciting time in your life and something to cherish.  However, the holiday season is also something to cherish because you are never guaranteed the same holiday season next year.  So remember to be present in the moment and to cherish all the special occasions that this season will bring and to not wish all those moments away hoping for a proposal.  Everything happens when it is supposed to, so relax and enjoy the Christmas music that is already playing before Thanksgiving.  It will go by faster than you think.




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