Common Planning Mistakes

Today is the first official day of Summer, but it’s already been a whirlwind of a season!  I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you all about some common mistakes couples make when planning their wedding, so you can hopefully avoid doing the same.  

Planning a wedding is a long and complicated process, but all the hard work you do will pay off on your big day.  Your wedding day is ALL about you and your fiancĂ©, but don’t forget to plan for your guests.  Happy guests will make for a smooth and fun wedding for all.  When thinking about your guests, don’t just think about the food and drink or favors they will enjoy.  Include your guests’ experience in your timeline by trying to minimize the time between events.  

For happy guests, don’t plan more than an hour gap between the ceremony and reception.  For an absolutely seamless timeline, consider doing a first look.  I know most people love the romance of not seeing each other before the ceremony, but here are some great reasons to reconsider.

  1. First looks allow for all the photos to be done ahead of the ceremony and reception.  This means you will have more time to relax and mingle with your guests. 
  2. First looks allow quality, private time with just you and your about-to-be spouse.  Not having anyone around but the photographer makes it a special moment where the two of you can soak up the moment and take each other in.
  3. Seeing your significant other before the ceremony can greatly reduce the nerves you will have before you walk down the aisle.  If being the center of attention isn’t your forte, consider a first look to help take some of the pressure off of the ceremony.

If after reading these reasons you are still completely in love with the romantic gesture of not seeing each other before the ceremony, than do what will make you happy!  Just remember to try to keep gaps minimized between events.

Keeping the time gap small is important, but so is planning for the average type of guest that will be at your wedding.  If you plan to have a cocktail hour with games outdoors in the summer heat,  reconsider this idea if your average guest is elderly. If the majority of your guest list contains elderly people, consider skipping the outdoor games for something more elderly guest friendly like a slide show of photos with fun facts about the two of you.  If your guest list is a good mix of young and old, consider doing both the games and slideshow.  Just be sure to take the overall guest list into consideration for planning.

Another mistake couples make when planning is getting the numbers wrong.  It’s important to make sure you have as accurate of a head count as possible.  If you have already told your vendors the number of guests at your wedding, but that number changes for any reason, tell your vendors.  They may be able to make last-minute adjustments to better accommodate the true head count.

Another number couples accidentally get wrong, is the number of save-the-dates and invitations to order.  This is the one number where head count doesn’t translate into the number needed.  Save some money by only ordering the amount needed for each household and not each person.  If you do make this mistake, the worst result is some extra money spent, leftover invitations, and a good laugh.

Hopefully I will have some more time in the near future to keep up with the blog posts!  In the meantime, I hope this helps some couples avoid making some planning mistakes.

Happy planning and happy Summer!!


Pinpoint Event Planning, LLC