Wedding Day Makeup Mishaps?

Achieving the perfect bridal look can be a long process. While the dress and accessories tend to come first in the planning process, as it should,  hair and makeup are an integral part of creating the look brides are trying to achieve.  With the help of Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, brides are putting more work into the hair and make-up aspect then ever before.  Even brides who typically don’t wear makeup or opt for a more natural look usually add a little makeup on their big day.  For the brides who don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, the thought of having makeup done on your wedding day can bring on some fears.  She may fear wearing too much makeup or that the makeup won’t mesh well with her skin.  Both of which can lead her to not feeling like herself on one of the most important days of her life.

However, we all fear the hot summer day where the makeup melts off, or the uncontrollable happy tears that stream down our face and wash it off.  These makeup issues can be solved with the help of an expert makeup artist that knows how to plan for those events and tailor the makeup to the client.  The main wedding day makeup fear I’m talking about happens to deal with the first kiss.  I know on my wedding day that I wanted to complete my look with the perfect shade of lip color, but I was terrified it would come off on my new husband as the officiant said “you may now kiss the bride.”  

Fortunately, I had an expert makeup artist that knew the best products available at the time so my fear didn’t come true.  My new husband was able to walk back up the aisle a married man with no hot pink color on his lips.  Unfortunately though, the best products still came off and I had to worry about eating and drinking, and not brushing my lips across a nice dress shirt.  Before you question that last statement, just remember you will be receiving a LOT of hugs throughout the day and some of them are a little sloppy from people rushing because they don’t want to take up any of your precious time.  Anyway, the worst part was having to take the time to reapply throughout the day.  By the time the reception came around I was too busy having fun that I didn’t stop to take the time to reapply.  While I am absolutely thrilled with my wedding day look, and I’m not upset that the color didn’t last, brides now have a new option to avoid all of this! 

Ladies, I am talking about LipSense, have you heard of it?  It is amazing!  It really is a long lasting, smudge-proof, KISS-PROOF, 18 hour lip color that is beautiful.  I am not trying to sell you on this as I’m not even a distributor, I am just a big fan of the product and I know it can solve a lot of wedding day makeup mishaps.  I can’t get over how I can eat, drink, kiss, wipe my mouth with napkins, apply gloss and the color still stays in place.  If you want to try LipSense you can contact me through this website to get the information of my dealer or find the information on Pinpoint Event Planning’s Facebook page. 

LipSense on your wedding day just makes sense!

Happy Planning!