The Fun in Outdoor Weddings

With Spring knocking at the door, and the itch to get outside, I thought I’d write about outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings are a ton of fun when they are properly planned. A common misconception with outdoor weddings, is that they are automatically cheaper. Not true. Not true at all. While a backyard wedding can definitely save costs, not all outdoor weddings are created equal.

Whether it’s a small backyard wedding or great big garden wedding, not many places can provide the atmosphere and beauty that the great outdoors offers. Have you seen The Wedding Planner? “I’m envisioning an outdoor wedding, botanical gardens with a white silk tent thin enough to see the stars. candle light. Wedgewood. Exotic trees imported from Bali. I’m thinking Gatsby. Not a period wedding…but the spirit of it, the time.” That scene alone will make just about any heart swoon for an outdoor wedding. It’s not just the stars and candle light that make an outdoor wedding amazing, but the glow of natural light at sunset and the breeze in your hair. I think the prettiest wedding I have ever had the pleasure of being at, was an outdoor wedding under a clear-top tent at sunset (picture above). The views of the sunset were incredible, especially after the light rain shower that showed a double rainbow. Anyway, there was truly something SO romantic about the natural light beaming inside the tent at sunset. The lighting coupled with fantastic Big Band dinner music was so captivating I felt like I was in a movie.

Hopefully Spring will arrive soon and we can stop dreaming about these gorgeous outdoor weddings and start planning and attending them! If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding, contact us to rent our upscale, climate-controlled, bathroom trailer with full amenities! We can decorate it to match almost any wedding or event theme. 🙂

Happy Day Dreaming!

The double rainbow I was telling you about 😉

Pinpoint Potties

Pinpoint Event Planning is happy to introduce you to Pinpoint Potties! Pinpoint Potties is the solution to your outdoor wedding and event restroom needs. Whether you dream of getting married out on your family’s farm with little to no bathrooms, or simply want to add restrooms to minimize the amount of guests in your home for that backyard party, Pinpoint Potties is your answer.
Pinpoint Potties is a luxury bathroom trailer that is fully equipped with all your modern amenities. It has three separate stalls that can fit your event needs, including a dressing area for the bride that needs a place to lace up the dress. Your guests won’t even realize they’re in a portable restroom with the clean, climate-controlled, tastefully decorated, and music infused atmosphere our trailer offers. Each stall is equipped with it’s own flushing, white, china toilet, stainless sink with fresh warm water coming from the facet, hidden trash receptacle, LED lighting, and a mirror.
All our trailer needs to operate is relatively flat, dry ground, two or three plug-ins on separate breakers, and a fresh water (garden hose) supply. If your event takes you somewhere where the electricity and/or water requirements are not available, we can supply everything needed to make the trailer self-sufficient for a small fee.
Contact us today for a customized quote for your event! Please include the event date, duration, location, and guest count.

*Pictures coming soon*