Wedding Day Makeup Mishaps?

Achieving the perfect bridal look can be a long process. While the dress and accessories tend to come first in the planning process, as it should,  hair and makeup are an integral part of creating the look brides are trying to achieve.  With the help of Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, brides are putting more work into the hair and make-up aspect then ever before.  Even brides who typically don’t wear makeup or opt for a more natural look usually add a little makeup on their big day.  For the brides who don’t usually wear a lot of makeup, the thought of having makeup done on your wedding day can bring on some fears.  She may fear wearing too much makeup or that the makeup won’t mesh well with her skin.  Both of which can lead her to not feeling like herself on one of the most important days of her life.

However, we all fear the hot summer day where the makeup melts off, or the uncontrollable happy tears that stream down our face and wash it off.  These makeup issues can be solved with the help of an expert makeup artist that knows how to plan for those events and tailor the makeup to the client.  The main wedding day makeup fear I’m talking about happens to deal with the first kiss.  I know on my wedding day that I wanted to complete my look with the perfect shade of lip color, but I was terrified it would come off on my new husband as the officiant said “you may now kiss the bride.”  

Fortunately, I had an expert makeup artist that knew the best products available at the time so my fear didn’t come true.  My new husband was able to walk back up the aisle a married man with no hot pink color on his lips.  Unfortunately though, the best products still came off and I had to worry about eating and drinking, and not brushing my lips across a nice dress shirt.  Before you question that last statement, just remember you will be receiving a LOT of hugs throughout the day and some of them are a little sloppy from people rushing because they don’t want to take up any of your precious time.  Anyway, the worst part was having to take the time to reapply throughout the day.  By the time the reception came around I was too busy having fun that I didn’t stop to take the time to reapply.  While I am absolutely thrilled with my wedding day look, and I’m not upset that the color didn’t last, brides now have a new option to avoid all of this! 

Ladies, I am talking about LipSense, have you heard of it?  It is amazing!  It really is a long lasting, smudge-proof, KISS-PROOF, 18 hour lip color that is beautiful.  I am not trying to sell you on this as I’m not even a distributor, I am just a big fan of the product and I know it can solve a lot of wedding day makeup mishaps.  I can’t get over how I can eat, drink, kiss, wipe my mouth with napkins, apply gloss and the color still stays in place.  If you want to try LipSense you can contact me through this website to get the information of my dealer or find the information on Pinpoint Event Planning’s Facebook page. 

LipSense on your wedding day just makes sense!

Happy Planning!

What to Do When Mother Nature Doesn’t Know It’s Your Wedding Day


This weekend Kansas City is experiencing winter storm Jupiter and all the ice that comes with it.  While most of the city (and the country) is concerned about Sunday’s NFL Playoff Game at Arrowhead Stadium, I’m willing to bet there are brides who are more concerned about their wedding.  Mother nature doesn’t always cooperate or care what day it is when she decides to unleash whatever fury she has.  So, this made me realize the fear that all brides have; what if there’s bad weather on my wedding day?

In 2015 I married my wonderful, supportive, and handsome husband, Nick.  On our wedding day mother nature decided to throw us a curve-ball name Cara.  Winter storm Cara completely covered the area in ice the night before and day of my wedding.  As some might recall, Kansas City didn’t see another ice storm or snowfall the rest of the winter. . . thanks-a-lot mother nature.  While I’m not thrilled with mother nature’s sense of humor, I didn’t let the ice storm dictate our day.  We braved the cold a few times to go outside to get the shots we wanted, and I’m glad we did.  The ice ended up adding so much beauty to our wedding photos, I can’t imagine what it would look like without it.

So how did we get through it?  We broke up the shots that were taken outdoors with sessions back indoors where the heat was.  This allowed us to get the feeling back in our hands and to prevent our little faces from turning red from the crisp air.  We only stayed out for a few minutes at a time, and that was all that we needed.  It also helped that we had hand warmers to hold onto since they are easily concealed and provided a welcome heat source.  I also had a white sheet to stand on that blended in with the train of my dress to prevent it from getting dirty, and giving me a non-slick surface to stand on.  I highly recommend the white sheet trick for all outdoor photos with the dress train, regardless of the season.

How did our guests hold up through the ice storm?  Luckily, we kept our guests’ experience in mind when we were planning our wedding.  We didn’t want guests traveling long distances between the ceremony, reception, and their hotels.  We blocked hotel rooms near the reception hall, so no drive was too treacherous.  Our ceremony location was perfect since there was a drop-off lane that was covered, allowing elderly guests to have dry ground to walk on the whole way.  Our reception venue was accommodating by creating a drop-off space by blocking the street right in front of the main door.  We also got lucky with the timing of the storm, since it hit late at night the night before, and the morning of our wedding, most of our out-of-town guests had already made it into town.

What happens if it’s snow and not ice?  Snow makes for some of the prettiest wedding pictures around.  Don’t let it get in the way of getting the shots you want.  Take your bed sheet to stand on, get some hand-warmers, and break-up your outdoor photo shoots with indoor sessions.  Be sure to enlist your maid-of-honor to help you carry your dress while walking between shooting locations.  Have one of the groomsmen carry the white bed sheet and spread it out for you to stand on.  Even if your lucky enough to get the gorgeous powder-like snow, still stand on the sheet to prevent your dress from getting wet.  Another great trick is to have a bridal looking coat or shawl on hand.

What happens if it’s just rain?  Get creative on where you take your wedding photos, balconies, decks, gazebos, and covered walkways are all great spots to start.  Don’t be afraid to venture out into the rain for a few shots either.  Wedding photos with umbrellas are completely adorable whether it’s your entire wedding party or just you and your spouse.

When it comes to the weather on your wedding day, don’t let it stress you out.  Let your vendors work for you and help you to create solutions.  Try to remember that the weather is part of your wedding day and it is something that you will remember forever.  I have been through weddings that had tornado warnings happen right as the ceremony was about to start, and the photos of the bride with her bridesmaids taking shelter in the bathroom are some of the best shots that captured what the day was really like.  I’ve also been through weddings where the power went out in the church during the ceremony due to a severe thunderstorm and yet again, it’s something that everyone looks back on with fond memories and a great story.

The two most important things to know about dealing with the weather on your wedding day are:  have a back-up plan just in case, and don’t stress.  Ultimately, the most important thing is that your wedding happens and that you are married to the one you love.  If that all still happens even through some bad weather, then your day was a success and you still have something beautiful to celebrate.




Photo credit: DiMartino Photography

What to Expect When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Shopping for a wedding dress should be fun, right?  Absolutely!  But, there a few things that will help make it more enjoyable if you know in advance what to expect.  

Let’s start with the dress shops themselves.  Most bridal boutiques prefer, if not require, that all brides make an appointment.  Some stores allow you to browse dresses on your own, while others keep all the dresses in back and will only bring out the styles you ask for.  There are pros and cons to both methods.  Getting to browse dresses on your own can help give you an idea of what may be in your price range, but might also distract you from what you are looking for. Whether you are looking through the dresses, or they are being brought out to you, keep in mind how a dress looks on the hanger is no indication of how it will look when it is on.  

You might have found the perfect style in a magazine, or on a rack, but when you try it on, find that it doesn’t work for you.  If you are disappointed when trying on your dream style then listen to the bridal consultants.  Most consultants will push you to try a dress on that is totally out of your comfort zone or out-of-the-box.  This can seem annoying to the bride that knows what she wants, but bridal consultants are good at what they do.  If you are struggling to find the perfect dress, try dresses on you think you may never go for.  Too many brides have said they were dead-set on having a lace dress but ended up choosing satin instead, or wanted a mermaid style but went with a ball gown, and vice versa.  Sometimes it takes trying on several dresses before you find “the one.”

Trying on wedding dresses is different than trying on any other clothes.  A large percentage of stores will send a bridal consultant in the dressing room with you.  They prefer helping you try them on rather than your mom or a friend.  These dresses are often heavy, delicate, and expensive.  Be prepared to strip down in front of a stranger.  If you are shy, we suggest wearing undergarments that are full coverage.  If you’re not shy, consultants are used to brides being in their underwear or even sometime their birthday suits.  Though for sanitary reasons we prefer at least underwear.  But, let’s be honest, some dresses don’t allow any undergarments to be worn.  If you are completely against having anyone help you but your mom, some stores will be understanding if you explain your concerns in advance.

Trying on wedding dresses is also different from regular clothes because the dress you are trying on is most likely not the same dress you will walk out with.  That means the dress you try on is most likely a sample and not in your size.  This is a major drawback to designer dresses because, in some cases, you have to use your imagination on what a properly fitted dress will look like.  The bridal consultants have tricks they use (see above picture) to help it feel and look fitted, but you still have to use some imagination.  If you are the type of bride that plans to lose weight for your wedding, don’t worry about not hitting your fitness goals before shopping.  Hitting your fitness goals before shopping can be a major confidence boost and help you feel great in any dress, but it’s not necessary for shopping.  Again, the dresses are mostly sample dresses and not the correct size. 

Once you find the perfect dress for you, if it is a designer dress, it will need to be ordered.  Waiting for your dress to come in can take anywhere from three to seven months, so make sure you will have your dress far enough in advance of the wedding to allow for alterations.  Your bridal consultant will have the answers on how long a particular designer takes and the amount of time needed for alterations.  We have seen brides  have to scramble because they waited too long to go shopping and the dress couldn’t be ordered in time for their wedding date or came in too close to their date and they needed emergency alterations.  Emergency alterations will cost you a fortune compared to nonexpedited alterations.  Complete overhaul alterations are expensive as well, so listen to your consultant on what size of dress to order.  If you plan on losing weight, don’t order the smaller dress as motivation.  The risk of not fitting in your dress and/or not having enough fabric to make the dress fit is far too great.  Don’t put that stress on yourself and just order the correct size of dress.  If you do lose the weight it is easier to take the dress in, than to let it out. 

Last, but not least, who to take with you when shopping for your dress.  This is a very personal decision and no one should make this decision other than you, the bride.  Having your entire bridal party sounds like a fun idea, but most boutiques are not equipped to handle large groups and the more people you have the more opinions you will get whether wanted or not.  If you know you need them all there, than just be prepared for possibly unwanted opinions and tight spaces.  For the bride who tries to please everyone but herself, keep the audience to the bare minimum.  Finding your wedding dress should be your decision and your decision only.  Find the dress that makes you happy, not one that will please others.  Even if you think you can invite someone knowing they won’t insert an unwanted opinion, you will most likely be reading your audience and nonverbals can commmunicate volumes.  If this concerns you, keep the audience to a minimum until you find your dress, and then invite more people to a fitting appointment instead.  You can still include them without risking your mind on choosing your dress.

Keep this information in mind when you start your shopping experience and wedding dress shopping should be fun!  Let the champagne flow and enjoy your turn in the lights in front of the mirror. 

Happy shopping,