Winter Place Cards

Winter may be outside of the high-demand wedding season, but it does not lack decorating options.  In my opinion, winter is one of the easiest seasons to decorate weddings and events for.  From Christmas, to winter-wonderland, to Frozen, to New Year’s glam, the options of easy themes are endless with winter.  

Along with endless theme options, are endless decor options thanks to all the additional holiday decorations that appear.  If you are thinking of having a winter wedding or holiday gathering, and need some place card inspiration, these ornaments are perfect for the DIY host!  The designer decided to keep the ornament simple by writing the name directly on it, but made it unique by placing it in a small bowl to act as a bird’s nest.  This look easily complements the bird cages that were used as part of the centerpiece decor.

From a budget standpoint, the ornaments are a great option versus printed cards, to help keep printing costs low.  Printing costs for events are one of the costs that often get overlooked or underestimated.  Ornaments can be purchased in almost every size and color, and are easily purchased in bulk and on sale.  You can expect the best sales to be right after the holidays.  Of course thanks to your local craft store, the paint can come in almost every color too, making your look match your theme with ease!  

However, if budget is your main reason for picking these ornament place cards, you may want to skip the bird’s nest bowl, as that will easily cost more than your traditional name card.  Bowl or not, the ornaments are still adorable and double as a gift for your guest to take home to add to their Christmas tree.

Happy hosting!


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